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  The Biggest Breakthrough in Hair Restoration  
  Finally, a solution to your hair loss with no downtime or pain. Orlando Hair Restoration Center is the only center in Central Florida that offers automated NeoGraft, today’s best method for hair restoration.  
  Orlando Hair Restoration Center offers a solution to your hair loss with no downtime or pain.  

Men and women who are suffering from hair loss know how heartbreaking it can be. You just don’t feel like yourself. Your confidence waivers, often you isolate yourself or do a myriad of things to try to cover up the obvious. Hats, wigs, and comb-overs don’t fool anyone. And then there are the sprays, foams and vitamins to try to re-grow your hair. These methods, however, offer little to no results, leaving you once again further away from your goal.
But now there is a proven, workable procedure that really does give you your hair back. This revolutionary breakthrough is NeoGraft, and it’s available in your area at Orlando Hair Restoration Center (OHRC).

All About NeoGraft
This cutting-edge technology, which happily requires no cutting, is giving thousands of people the results they’ve been looking for – thick, natural, great-looking hair.
What is NeoGraft? It’s the first FDA approved automated, minimally invasive hair restoration procedure available in the United States. NeoGraft offers patients the ability to regain their hair without scalpels, staples, anesthesia, or a long recovery period. In the past, traditional hair transplant techniques meant painful surgery, weeks of downtime and scarring. NeoGraft is the future of hair restoration.
Here’s how it works: After numbing your scalp, a NeoGraft specialist removes individual follicles from your head with specialized equipment. This automated system works quickly, effectively and keeps each follicle healthy while waiting to be transplanted. Manual methods of follicular unit extraction (FUE) took longer and could damage the follicle, but with automated technology the procedure goes quicker and the follicles stay healthier.
Once enough follicles are extracted from various places on your head, so as not to be noticed, they are transplanted to the areas in need. Unlike the “plug” method of hair transplantation, FUE utilizes a much smaller footprint, just the size of a pencil lead, since it extracts each individual follicle instead of a group of them. This allows for an unnoticeable difference between the transplanted hair and the way hair normally grows.
What’s more, with NeoGraft you have no scarring. Traditional “strip” method hair transplantation cuts out a strip of healthy hair from a host location and transplants it to another location. This leaves large, painful scars that take weeks to heal. Recovery time for “strip” method is about two weeks. With NeoGraft there is really no downtime. Patients are not “knocked out” and often return to regular activity the next day, with only the limitation of no lifting for one week.

Technology & Expertise
Orlando Hair Restoration Center Director Ron Doria says the center is the only one like it in Central Florida. While the FUE method for hair restoration has been around for a while, FUE combined with automation technology is fairly new. It allows for a shorter procedure time and better results since follicles are not waiting to be transplanted for long periods. In addition to having the technology, OHRC has the NeoGraft experts that bring the results patients want. 
Doria himself is especially committed to hair restoration and helping others to regain their confidence and appearance. After a car accident, Doria had facial and scalp damage, resulting in hair loss. He researched hair transplant surgeries to find the solution for him. “First, I had the strip procedure performed. It left me with a long recovery time and a painful scar. Then, I had the Neograft. It’s amazing how this technological advancement has completely changed the landscape in hair restoration surgery,” he says. Doria has been so pleased with the results he has made it his passion to educate and share the success of NeoGraft with others.
OHRC owner Dr. Roger Bassin says he knew right away that Doria was the right person to be the director of the new center. “Ron’s great personality and confidence, not to mention his great head of hair, is a testament to the fact that not only does NeoGraft work, but it works well, with amazing results and no downtime or surgery,” Bassin says.

Who Benefits from NeoGraft?

Anyone with hair loss can benefit from NeoGraft. The one exception could be baldness caused by alopecia areata. But even some patients who have this condition may have it only temporarily and could be candidates for NeoGraft. A consultation is necessary to find out how many grafts are needed and if the procedure is right for you.
Both men and women patients have successfully used NeoGraft to restore their hair. And hair restoration does not have to be done only on the scalp. Some women suffer from thin eyebrows. NeoGraft can help. Likewise, if a patient needs donor hair, but has little on their head, hair may be harvested from other areas of the patient’s body, such as the back.
So if you are struggling with hair loss, don’t wait another day. Get your free consultation at Orlando Hair Restoration Center. With this new breakthrough minimally invasive procedure, you too could be enjoying your own thicker, fuller hair with no downtime. 

Orlando Hair Restoration Center
At Bassin Center
422 S. Alafaya Trail, Suite 32A
Orlando, FL 32828 


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