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  Our SuperMAN Contest winners (as voted by you!) are heroes to their families and their communities.  

1st Place
SuperMAN: Mark Bateman
Community: Dr. Phillips
Hobbies: I love coaching basketball and football, teaching financial stewardship, traveling, mission work, scuba diving, sailing, weight training and running. I also enjoy home improvement projects, community building projects, and group projects to help others.
What he enjoys about giving back: I think that giving back to the community is being an active part of the community. Some of the best parts are to see young people use the knowledge you have shared with them on and off the field. To see adults who had no hope see a light at the end of a financial tunnel. To see people years after you invested time with them and hear about what they are doing to give back. But, for me, the best part of giving back is when you see the smile of a child. In that smile you see confidence and growth and you know the child has gained a new life skill. 
What makes him a SuperMAN: If I am a SuperMAN it is only by the grace of God, who gives me strength.

2nd Place
SuperMAN: Wallace Phillips
Community: Winter Garden
Hobbies: My hobbies include basketball, coaching little league soccer, and doing arts and crafts with my boy.
What he enjoys about giving back: The opportunity to see young people grow into productive members of our society who are also willing to give back.
What makes him a SuperMAN: I’m not a SuperMAN. I’m just a man who tries very hard to give as much of myself to my family, my career, my community and my faith.

3rd Place
SuperMAN: Rayshaad Alli
Community: Windermere
Hobbies: Home improvement, gardening, sports, and swimming with my son.
What he enjoys about giving back: Getting involved and giving back to your community is an integral part of maintaining a safe and sustainable lifestyle. Helping others through volunteering and support groups, going the extra mile, and just plain being nice build a pleasurable surrounding. I truly love my community and continue to give and get back respectfully.
What makes him a SuperMAN: I am humbled by the title of SuperMAN. I consider myself to be a hard working individual with my current company for over 11 years. I am a dedicated husband to my wife of seven years. My true superhero status is my role as a father to my one and only son Lucas. He truly reminds me every day as to why I strive to be a SuperMAN. 

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